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Chef Brother Luck Supporting the Dino Doozer Foundation

Cheri Stewart and Dino Doozer @ WSNF 5K Walk Run 2013

WSNF 5K Walk Run 2013

2013 1st Female and 1st Male winners of WSNF 5K 2013

Dino Doozer and some of the kids at WSNF 5K 2013


Some text...

Karinsa, Cyndi, Chris & John 2013 Dino Doozer Ball

2013 Ash Kicker Runners...well some of them

Dino Doozer WSNF 5K 2013

Dino Doozer getting a Dynamic bone

Camp NewFriends send off 2012

Noah Kennedy (NF) Dino Doozer Ball 2013

Dino Doozer and Minni Dino Doozer

Dino Doozer went to visit Korbin Clark at Doernbechers Childrens Hospital 2013

Ashton and Dino Doozer @ 2013 Ash Kicker Event

Dino Doozer and the Stewart Title Gang 2013 sponsors

Dino Doozer and Lonnie 2013

2012 Street Stock Champion!! WooHoo go Uncle Richard!

Dino Doozer Race Car

Gooooo #56

The Founder of the Dino Doozer Foundation

Sherod Nichols and his best friend Ray

Florida 2008

King for a day Andrew and Sherod

Florida 2008


Disney World2008

All of us after 3 go rounds on the River Raft Ride

Disney World 2008

Sherod and his Big Brother Andrew

Disney World 2008

Sherod having fun

Disney World 2008

Sherod visiting his favorite place

Disney World 2008

Andrew, Ray and Sherod

The Dino Doozer Car

2010 Street Stock Champion

A Day at the Races with Dino Doozer

Jackson, Dino Doozer and Jazmin 2010

Jack Pride!!!

sherod ready to head out to the R.A. Long Football Game as the 


A Dat at the Races with Dino Doozer

Lizzy, Dino Doozer and Chris 2010

A Day at the Races with Dino Doozer

Driver Richard Kerr and Dino Doozer

Camp NewFriends 2008

Sherod getting ready to head out to Camp NewFriends in Vir.

R.A. Long Hight School Dino Doozer Fundraiser

Sherod and friends 2008

R.A. Long High School Dino Doozer Fundraiser

Sherod and Friends 2008

Sherod and Ray

He came home from Chemo treatment and was very tired! 2008

The Last Dance

Sherod, Andrew and Andrew

Snow Fun

Sherod and his Uncle Richard

Ice Cream for Breakfast

Sherod, Grampa Don and Cousin Katy

Feb. 2009

Making Valentine keepsakes for his mom and sister

Coach Berchrum Talking about Sherod

R. A. Long 2009

Dino Doozer

WSNF 5K Walk/Run

Parade Day in Longview


Sept. 7,2008

Sherod's 15th Birthday and his first round of chemo

Another Week of Chemo

Tim and Sherod and Ray (Tim is Sherods Chemo Pal.0